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Mercedes SLS AMG (2012)

Mercedes SLS AMG (2012)
Mercedes SLS AMG (2012)


1 - 2 Days
$1,850.00 per day
5+ Days
$1,350.00 per day
3 - 4 Days
$1,500.00 per day

* Pickup on Friday & Return on Monday

Exotic supercars have a magic allure that are hard to shake. However, the first sight of the price tag is often enough to snap out of that delicious dream of winding roads and untamed power. Fortunately, we have our very own dreamlike supercar right here and we'd love nothing more than to help you live out your supercar fantasies in the most serious of super sports cars, the iconic SLS AMG.

The SLS is a beauty with the heart of a beast and will turn heads wherever you go. Not only will its looks pull some desiring stares, the explosion of the AMG engine when you press the starter button commands absolute attention. Hold on tight as the front-mounted 6.2 litre V8 engine comes alive with its distinctive AMG rumble that will shake the glass of surrounding buildings as the revs rise to an incredible harmony of seductive exhaust notes.

The performance is far from sensible, or even legal for that matter, but despite its beastliness, the SLS is in fact a usable everyday supercar. This baby can glide as well as the best Mercedes saloon which means you can have your cake and eat it too. So why not get in touch for your SLS AMG moment. One spin and you'll be smitten.

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Technical Specifications

Body Style
Gullwing Coupe
Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive
6.2 V8
0 - 100 kmh
3.8 seconds
Top Speed

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