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Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe (2013)

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe (2013)
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe (2013)


1 - 2 Days
$650.00 per day
5+ Days
$570.00 per day
3 - 4 Days
$600.00 per day

* Pickup on Friday & Return on Monday

If you thought the Mercedes C63 sedan was one absolute menace of a car then do we have a surprise for you. Enter the latest addition to the C-class AMG line-up, the glorious C63 Coupe. From its rumbling V8 engine to its aggressive AMG styling, this new stunner is a certified head turner with the raw power to leave all others in the dust.
Imagine basking in the glory that is 451 horses under the hood as you unleash the AMG might on the open road. The new Coupe catapults from 0-100km/h in a ballistic 4.3 seconds - faster than the sedan but also faster than the fastest M3. Impressive stuff!
Of course it's not all about the numbers. While manic in nature, inside it's AMG luxury from top to toe. So if you consider yourself a hard-core Mercedes enthusiast or simply love an adrenaline-charged thrill then get in touch for your very own C63 AMG Coupe moment.

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Technical Specifications

Body Style
2 Door Coupe
Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive
6.2 V8
0 - 100 kmh
4.2 seconds
Top Speed

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