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Ferrari F360 Modena (2006)

Ferrari F360 Modena (2006)
Ferrari F360 Modena (2006)


1 - 2 Days
$950.00 per day
5+ Days
$800.00 per day
3 - 4 Days
$900.00 per day

* Pickup on Friday & Return on Monday

We challenge you to find another vehicle on the road as attractive, sound as good, or turn as many heads as this stunning Ferrari. If there was any car you'd sell your house for, the Ferrari 360 Modena may be the one to see you signing your life savings away!

But there's no need for drastic measures, our wickedly strong display of Italian engineering is just waiting to be taking out for a stylish spin. Just prepare for stares, gasps and desiring looks as you pull the crowds in the closest thing to a F1 car you'll ever experience.

Start her up and watch your admirers' jaws drop as the 3.6-litre V8 engine lets out the distinctive Ferrari roar. Take off and experience the sensation of 400-horsepower wailing to an 8500-rpm redline. It'll give you chills.

This baby is the thing of dreams. Let us make this Ferrari your reality today.

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Technical Specifications

Body Style
2 Door Coupe
Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive
3.6 V8
0 - 100 kmh
4.6 seconds
Top Speed

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