Drive Day

Drive Day

What could be better than taking the wheel and cruising the city streets and country roads in one of our stunning pieces of motor engineering? Well, picture a group of your closest friends in a convoy of Astons, Lambos and Ferraris behind you and you’ve got a drive day that can only be described as utterly exhilarating.

Our one of a kind Sports Car Drive Days will see you hire not just one , but an incredible six out-of-this-world sports cars just begging to be driven to the max.

Take your pick of a day cruising the city outskirts, or if you’re looking for a bit of high powered fun, take it up a notch and experience the ultimate in driving with exhilarating country routes and beautiful scenery, while enjoying every inch of the luxury vehicle in your control.

The day begins at our Sydney showroom with a guided tour of every function and feature of each of your six
beautiful vehicles. Navigators and drivers are then paired off and you’re allotted your dream car for the first leg
of your very own Sports Car Drive Day.

But don’t worry, you'll experience the power and prestige of every performance vehicle you’ve ever dreamt of throughout the day as drivers and navigators are swapped between cars. We’re talking Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, the works. This day will leave your mind boggling and brain spinning. You’ll leave furiously debating which one of these insane driving machines is the king of the super cars.

Throw in a delicious Devonshire morning tea and magnificent lunch and you have a day that will not be topped.

A Sports Car Drive Day is the perfect way to award achievement, or as an incredible gift to business associates or clients.

Sports Car Drive Day specifics

  • Fees: Driver: $1100 and Passengers: $400 each
  • Hire fee includes morning tea, lunch and fuel.
  • Running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, distance covered is approximately 250 km.
  • Held during the week, weather permitting.
  • Drivers must be aged 25 years with a valid driving license.
    Others, underage or unlicensed, are welcome as a passenger.

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